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    About 10to8

    Team 1

    Powering appointments for time better spent

    Can you imagine a world where no one misses their commitments? No forgotten appointments, no last-minute cancellations and, best of all, not one no-show. We can. It’s what we’re aiming to create with 10to8.

    Team 5

    Our mission

    Time is precious — at 10to8, our mission is to give you more of it. Our appointment scheduling system is designed to work for everyone, everywhere, no matter what size the business, its sector or audience. And, as we listen to our customers, we’re always discovering new ways to evolve and improve with their ever-changing needs.

    Or to put it in a nutshell, we power appointments for time better spent, whether you’re a sole proprietorship or a big international business.

    Our Story

    Our story starts back in 2011 with Bruce, a dentist in Cambridge, UK. One day, he told his friends that he wanted his patients to always know when they had an appointment so they'd never miss it. Luckily for Bruce, his friends were geeks and realized that he’d uncovered a hidden problem that applied to so many businesses. 
    That problem was coordination — how and when customers and professionals got together. It was something the entire world did, but it turned out, surprisingly badly. It was a problem, a small group of engineers and entrepreneurs couldn’t resist solving. 
    Before long, the idea developed into an online communications system. One that managed appointments and business services and cut the admin time. 10to8 was founded in 2011 by Tom and Nigel Playford with help from co-founders Richard, Matthew, Bruce & Stephane.
    With extensive research and the help of some beloved alpha testers across a wide range of services and markets, 10to8 became available to the public in 2014. And the strange name? Well, the new appointment scheduling system turned 10 minutes of admin hell (which is the average time it takes to organize an appointment) into 8 seconds of delightful automation.
    Thanks, Bruce. We’re glad we could bring you and your patients together. As well as millions of other customers and businesses. 

    Meet the Team

    Profile - Alice Smith

    Alice Smith

    Content Marketing Specialist

    I’m an ex-culinary whizz turned Content Marketing Specialist with a flair for wordplay and whimsical one-liners. I love relating to the people we’re trying to help as it’s the heart-beat behind a good piece of content. I also run my own travel blog ‘Adventures of Alice’ in my spare time. Outside of work, you’ll find me crossing another destination on my extensive bucket-list or cuddled up on the sofa with my cockapoo and a cappuccino!

    Profile - Alina Seymore-Smith

    Alina Seymore-Smith

    Customer Success Assistant

    Hi, I joined 10to8’s support team as a customer success assistant in August 2021. I’ve a degree in philosophy and I’m currently studying for an MA in biomedical ethics (and I don’t mind being called a nerd). I’m passionate about accessibility and prior to working at 10to8, I worked as a support assistant for young people with special educational needs. My loves include writing, sharing obscure facts, and playing a lot of Mario Kart!

    Profile - Amanda Nicholson

    Amanda Nicholson

    Customer Success Assistant

    I’m Amanda and I’m a recent addition to the 10to8 Support Team. My background is in American Politics and I was born and raised in Houston, TX. I have two beloved dogs and my biggest passion is traveling and experiencing new people and places.

    Profile - Beth Walden

    Beth Walden

    Head of HR

    I’m 10to8’s HR and Recruitment Manager. One of my main focuses is to continually seek out new ways to attract the great people we need to grow. When my nose isn’t buried in a book, I love going to gigs/festivals, hiking with my huskies; Kaia and Remi and traveling the world.

    Profile - Claire Hartley

    Claire Hartley

    Chief Marketing Officer

    I’ve been in marketing for 25 years, working for start-ups to Global PLC’s. I’m extremely passionate about customers, products, brand stories and people, with a keen interest in technology and transformation. My objective is to constantly learn, grow and experience something new. Outside of work, I enjoy the outdoors, sports, traveling, family-time, and taking my gorgeous little Frenchie called Bo and my silly Labrador Espen on walks.

    Profile - Corinne Worboys

    Corinne Worboys

    Customer Success Assistant

    You can normally find me at a live music gig, festival, or wild swimming in rivers and the sea. I love animals and I’m very passionate about Animal Rights. I feel an enormous sense of wellbeing from helping people and animals, and really enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

    Profile - Dharani Shanmugam

    Dharani Shanmugam

    Senior QA

    Hello! I’m Dharani and I’m an experienced Software Quality Assurance Engineer with a history of working in the healthcare industry and financial sector. Being highly skilled in establishing frontend interface services and testing, I firmly believe that it is the QA’s responsibility to deliver a high-quality, versatile, and flawless experience to customers. My hobbies include reading novels, traveling, exploring new places and playing badminton.

    Profile - Ella Bain

    Ella Bain

    Business Development Representative

    I’m proud to be a Business Development Representative for 10to8. In my spare time I like to spend my time drawing and being creative. As well as spending lots of time with my family and friends and going on long country walks with my dog.

    Profile - James Kemp

    James Kemp

    Jr. Full Stack Software Engineer

    I'm a huge fan of web technology and love helping our clients. I’m a true geek at heart with a (mild) addiction to Rubik’s cubes and coding.

    Profile - Mustafa Jamadar

    Mustafa Jamadar

    Senior UX/UI and Graphic Designer

    I’m fascinated by brainstorming and fine-tuning numerous life problems. I decided to become a Product Designer with a goal to deliver beautiful, usable, planet-scale software solutions that would add value to people’s lives. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology and have worked as an IT & Network Manager, Graphic Designer and Product Designer. I joined the team in 2021 to further develop the 10to8 Product User Interface.

    Profile - Karanpreet Ajmani

    Karanpreet Ajmani

    Marketing Executive

    I’m a Marketing Executive at 10to8. I’m passionate about the tech industry and love to keep up to date with new developments. As a recent MBA graduate, I intend to learn more about businesses and data-driven decision-making.

    Profile - Kerri Robinson

    Kerri Robinson

    Customer Success Manager

    I’m the Customer Success Manager here at 10to8. I work closely with our Enterprise Customers and I’m passionate about using their feedback to help develop 10to8. Outside of work, I’m a huge football fan and also love Disney! I’m yet to experience traveling on a plane and my next goal is to travel the world.

    Profile - Laura Garofalo

    Laura Garofalo

    Account Manager

    I’m a curious salesperson who’s always looking to find out more about people and making sure they’re on the road to success. In my spare time, I love exploring the world, cooking lovely meals for friends and family, and learning new hobbies. I also have a Cockapoo puppy to keep me company while working on deals.

    Profile - Marcel Wundrich

    Marcel Wundrich

    Head of Customer Service

    I’m 10to8’s Customer Service Manager. I joined in 2016 and work on a day-to-day basis resolving customer questions and issues. I’m currently also studying for a degree in management so I can help grow our support team.


    Matthew Cleevely

    CEO & Chairman

    I founded 10to8 with a few friends to help simplify managing bookings and help make the world more organized. I help out where needed across the business in strategy, accounting, finance, compliance, fundraising and people. Outside of 10to8, I work with a wide range of high growth businesses to help them achieve their goals. I’ve also got an MEng in Engineering from Oxford and MPhil in Economics from Cambridge.


    Megha Maheshwari

    Head Of Engineering

    I’m Megha, and I’m Head of Engineering at 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software. I have nine years of industrial experience and joined the team in 2019. I never tire of contributing to the development and evolution of the product.


    Nadia Mancieri

    Customer Success Assistant

    I’m part of the Customer Success Team at 10to8. Born and raised in Rome, I lived in Germany and Ireland before settling down in the UK. I’ve a degree in Politics/International Relations and worked in the travel industry for several years as well as in different customer service roles. In my spare time, I love enjoying my passions for writing, photographing, mindfulness and boat life!


    Pawan Kumar

    Full Stack Developer

    I joined 10to8 as a Full Stack Developer in 2021 to contribute to the development and deployment of the product. I graduated from NIT Hamirpur, and have worked in various MNCs, as a freelancer. I’ve also developed a few android and web applications as Sarsipal Infotech.

    Profile - Richard hills

    Richard Hills

    Managing Director

    I’m 10to8’s Managing Director and as such I’m responsible for day-to-day running of the company, with a focus on product and technology. I’m one of the co-founders of 10to8, and was previously the CTO. My background is in technology, having previously worked in software in the City, and at a number of technology startups. I hold an MPhil from Cambridge and a DPhil from Oxford.

    Profile - Sharon King-Livesey

    Sharon King-Livesey

    Enterprise Marketing Specialist

    I’m a Marketing Specialist and have a strong background in working within a SaaS environment. I work closely with Sales and Customer Success to create environments for customers to thrive. When not at work, I love running, cycling and CrossFit.


    Simon Chan

    Senior Software Engineer

    I’m a Senior Software Engineer with over a decade’s worth of industrial experience. Since joining the engineering team in 2017, I’ve enjoyed contributing to the development and evolution of the product.

    Profile - Supriya Sajnani

    Supriya Sajnani

    Financial Controller

    Currently working as a Financial Controller, I recently acquired a post graduation degree from Cambridge Judge Business School for the Master of Finance program. I previously worked for private equity clients while working at Deloitte and for startups in areas related to financial accounting. My goal is to learn and grow in every area of my life. My hobbies include traveling, cooking, baking, and reading books. I enjoy meeting new people from varied cultures & backgrounds to understand different perspectives and gain knowledge from their experiences.

    Profile - Temi Erinoso

    Temi Erinoso

    Head of Sales

    I manage our Account Managers, BDRs, SDRs, and Customer Success teams to drive sales growth and market adoption globally via new customer acquisition, existing business and strategic partnerships. Outside of work, I’m an avid sports fan and also love to travel. My favorite destinations so far have been Peru, Mauritius, and Croatia.


    Vishal Magar

    Full Stack Developer

    I joined 10to8 in 2021 and has been contributing to the development and improvement of the product. When I’m not coding, I’m either taking a nap or playing games.


    Michael Brockwell

    Customer Success Assistant

    I’m Michael and I’m a Customer Success Assistant at 10to8. I love to travel, go mountain biking and experience new things. You’ll often find me learning about a new topic.

    Team 3 admin

    Become a 10to8er

    Interested in working with us? We’re always looking for talented people who love what they do, even if there’s no specific job listed. So, whether you’re into software engineering, sales, marketing, customer support, or brilliant at something else, drop us a line.

    Check out our Glassdoor page or #WorkingAt10to8 on LinkedIn.

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    What it’s like working at 10to8

    We want 10to8 to be a great place to work, where you feel part of one big team: appreciated for the hard work you do and every day is fun and challenging.

    Team 4

    Some of the benefits* you can look forward to

    • £50 monthly voucher (Tea & Biscuit Budget)
    • 25 days holiday plus 8 days bank holiday (you get an extra day off for your birthday too!)
    • Company events
    • Participation in 10to8 company option scheme
    • Workplace pension scheme
    • Insurance for income loss
    • Private health insurance
    • Multiple laptop schemes (BYOD/Work laptop/Help to buy) & home office grants to get your office set up
    • Flexible working in a friendly and supportive working environment with the option of membership of a hot-desking center near you & other 10to8ers
    • Cycle to work scheme.

    *Some of these benefits may change, depending on where you are based.

    Team 10 Kerri v2

    “I’ve been with 10to8 for over 1.5 years. From day 1, my voice has been listened to and valued, and I am entirely trusted to fulfill my role. I have also moved into a new role and have scope to progress in the company. I am surrounded by people who are fun, friendly, offer me guidance and accept me. I've made friends for life. 10to8 offers great work-life balance, dynamic day-to-day, employee benefits, training and progression opportunities, mentors and the chance to be 100% yourself. The 10to8 culture and team are truly incomparable. 10to8 ticks all the boxes! ”

    Kerri, Customer Success Manager
    Team 9 v2

    “When I joined 10to8, I was in the support team with an amazing group of like minded people, but I had every intention from day 1 to move into the Engineering team and become a software developer. 10to8 has supported me every step of the journey and helped with training and guidance to allow me to reach that goal. The support and training continues week by week and I couldn't ask for a better team to be working with. The focus is 100% on delivering our clients features they need and being part of that is very fulfilling.”

    James, Junior Full Stack Developer
    Team 6 v2

    “I started my 10to8 journey in customer support. I also started mid-pandemic and, despite being fully remote for the majority of my time at the business, I have always felt like part of a team. About 7 months later, a role opened up for a content writer and I decided to apply. After years of being rejected for marketing roles because I didn’t have any experience, 10to8 finally allowed me to pursue my goal of becoming a content writer. And for that, I will be forever thankful.”

    Alice, Content Marketing Specialist

    Diversity & Inclusion at 10to8

    Here at 10to8, we’ve always supported diversity and inclusion. We know it’s not just a status you achieve then forget about. The power of diversity and inclusion makes us stronger and better, not just as a place to work, but for our customers and the community.
    We’re continually working to empower people by appreciating and respecting one another in terms of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion and ethnic or national origin.