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    Product Features

    Appointment scheduling software that’s better for business

    Loved by over 200,000 businesses worldwide, 10to8’s scheduling software powers appointments like never before. Doing all the hard work for you, it reduces costly no-shows by up to 90%, boosts bookings and gives you more time for what matters. Like to know more?

    Offer simple and efficient online booking


    Take bookings online

    Clients have the freedom and flexibility to see available services, locations, times, staff and book appointments.

    Event control

    Have total control

    Control bookings, restrictions, cancellation, change notice periods and approve appointments.

    Online payments

    Take online payments

    Clients can make booking payments securely online with PayPal or Stripe.

    Multiple devices

    Works across platforms

    Works on any device and integrates with 1,000s of apps like Paypal, WordPress, Salesforce, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more.

    Benefit from a fast, convenient and secure service


    Cloud-based with instant updates

    Stay up to date with changes made by clients and staff without even refreshing your screen.

    Connect anywhere

    Connect from anywhere

    View, manage and update your appointments at your desk or on the go, 10to8 on any device, with no app needed.

    Multiple devices

    Work across operating systems

    Compatible with any OS and browser, including iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


    Be 100% secure and compliant

    Relax with fully encrypted bank-rate security, compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA. We’re also ISO 27001 certified.

    Have a calendar that puts you in control


    Find information quickly

    Quickly search through times, dates or services across multiple locations. Also, find customers and services at the click of a button.


    Select staff and teams

    Assign staff to one or more teams and improve efficiency by letting them view their calendar and availability. Find slots and make bookings by viewing combined availability.


    Manage everything from one location

    Control and coordinate all business locations, services, staff, and integrations from one centralized panel. Also, carry out bulk edits and updates.

    Watch a demo

    Join our weekly interactive demos and get a sneak-peak of the solutions 10to8 offers. Register now to get an overview.

    Generic integrations v1

    Add all your work apps

    10to8 can integrate seamlessly with thousands of the most popular apps to make life easier and work more efficiently. These include all the ones staff use on a daily basis like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Salesforce and Slack.


    Customize 10to8 to your brand

    Save time and money maintaining your brand integrity with our white-label solution. It’s the perfect solution if you want to give customers a seamless appointment scheduling solution that’s fully branded.

    Create professional communications

    Voicemail as text

    Automate messaging

    Cut no-shows by up to 90% by sending automated SMS, email and voice reminders so clients remember and confirm their appointments. Plus, take action if there’s going to be a no-show by re-filling the slot.

    Customised customer journey

    Brand your booking website

    Personalize every stage of the customer journey with your branding, from your public booking calendar to your reminders.


    Send personalized messages

    Add personalized tags to messages and allow clients to request changes, cancellations or reply to reminders.

    Automated phone

    Choose how clients are contacted

    Have the flexibility to message clients using SMS, email, and voice calls. Reach customers through the channels they prefer.

    Make appointment scheduling quick and easy for your customers


    Be accessible to all

    Make it easy for anyone to book with a fully accessible online appointment booking system that’s WCAG certified. This allows screen reader-friendly bookings and automated voice call bookings.

    Multiple devices

    Available across all devices

    Offer an easy-to-use booking system that works on mobiles, tablets, laptops and other connected devices.

    Create account

    Easy to set up and use

    Anyone can use 10to8 regardless of age or technical know-how.


    Send timely reminders

    Hard to ignore and easy to read, you can send out scheduled booking reminders across platforms that get a response.

    Improve business efficiency across the board


    Make rota management a walkover

    Coordinate staff, calendars, rooms and locations seamlessly. Even complicated working hours, as well as people working at different locations can be managed with ease.

    Track changes

    Stay on top of audit logs and payments

    Track all changes, notes, payments and history for customers and appointments too.


    Specify what users see

    Allow staff to only access their own appointments or have limited view-only privileges.


    Integrate 10to8 with your current systems

    Works with Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud and Microsoft Exchange.

    Online payments

    Boost cashflow with online payments

    Accept online payments at the point of booking through PayPal and Stripe to drive revenue straight from your calendar.


    Build reports that fit your KPIs

    Customize your business dashboard to get a bird's-eye view of business performance. Also, build and schedule reports that uncover bottlenecks.

    Take advantage of intelligent reporting


    True insight into business performance

    Get reports on bookings, messages sent, payments taken, new customers acquired, satisfaction responses, meetings and bookings per staff and customer.


    Make changes with a few clicks

    Add and edit services, staff, teams, locations and working hours.


    Prevent no-shows

    Spot no-shows before they happen with our intelligent message-open tracking, and get in touch before it’s too late.


    Create custom reports

    Identify busy times, locations and staff as well as no-show trends. Then, create insightful forecasts and make informed decisions.

    Learn about our latest features

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    Capacity Management

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    See how 10to8 compares

    10to8 is the best-in-class appointment booking software. But don’t take our word for it. See how we compare against the top 5 out there.