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    HIPAA compliant scheduling software

    Healthcare scheduling software trusted worldwide. Enhance your patients’ experience, and keep their data protected

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    HIPAA-compliant medical appointment scheduling

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    Medical appointment scheduling software

    10to8 is fully HIPAA compliant scheduling software. We provide security tools to help you schedule medical appointments in a compliant way. Please note that you need a signed BAA between your organization and 10to8, before storing PHI (medical data) in 10to8.

    While you can rest assured that data held with 10to8 is encrypted securely by our modular architecture, which is built on rock-solid open-source frameworks, our HIPAA tools empower you to have additional control over the data that you store about your patients, and how you share this data.

    For more information on our HIPAA tools please visit our HIPAA help page or book a product demo to discover more.


    HIPAA compliance at 10to8

    10to8 takes security and compliance seriously. If you would like to discover more about 10to8’s journey to becoming a HIPAA compliant appointment scheduler, read our article. Our CEO talks about HIPAA compliance at 10to8, as well as other security measures we take to keep data safe.

    If you have further questions about compliance and safety, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

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    Business Associate Agreement

    Your business will need to sign our Business Associate Agreement (BAA) before storing sensitive patient data Protected Health Information (PHI) within 10to8.

    The BAA is a legal document, which once signed by both parties will provide you with the legal basis for 10to8 to store and process data on your (the Covered Entity’s) behalf. More information on how this can be requested and setup can be found in our support article HIPAA Compliant Scheduling Software All You Need To Know.

    To find out more about our enhanced HIPAA tools, please book a call with our sales team.


    Centralized Calendar

    Control the entire organization’s operations centrally. With 10to8’s unified control panel, you can manage all of your locations, services, employees, and integrations from a single dashboard.


    Advanced Reporting

    With 10to8’s robust, highly customizable reports, you can gain an insight into patient behaviour. Create templates, schedule exports, gain a better understanding of your data, and make more informed decisions.


    Patient Communications

    Ask automated questions at the time of booking to understand your patients’ needs beforehand. You can automate follow-up messages to collect reviews and encourage repeat appointments.


    Medical scheduling software trusted worldwide

    10to8 is a reliable booking system used by hospitals, private clinics, and healthcare organizations worldwide.

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    10to8 makes virtual appointments happen...

    Schedule and run virtual appointments smoothly with 10to8 and make your business fully remote!

    Our native Zoom Video Conferencing and Microsoft Teams integrations enable you to host video appointments of all kinds, be it internal staff meetings, online classes, or remote medical appointments.

    Sign up free today and make remote appointments happen with 10to8!

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